Ready to be inspired?

I’m here to talk about the story of great ideas.

Sometimes, innovation just happens.

But if you change your way of looking at the world, you can find inspiration everywhere.

But I’m sure you’re wondering.

Why “Laterally”?

Lateral thinking is according to the All-Knowing Google, “the solving of problems by an indirect and creative approach, typically through viewing the problem in a new and unusual light.”

That’s what this is about.

We find the the bits and pieces that make us see the world differently.

When we see the world differently, then we can enliven our imaginations through the clashes of what we thought we knew about the world and a new, broader appreciation of its complexity.

There’s a science to creativity and a world of research to dig into.

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Lateral thinking is your most powerful tool.

It’s how you make connections.

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Monday Motion

On Mondays, I’m writing about the news that affects creatives.

Thursday Theses

On Thursdays, I explore the connections between the ideas of creative thinkers, the big moments in cultural history, and the ways we can change our viewpoints.

Lateral Saturdays

On Saturdays, we think through the creative process and the projects we’re working on.

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There’s a joy in that eureka moment — it’s that tingling feeling at the base of your neck.

Laterally is dedicated to creating a community of creative thinkers.

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